12 months of Scandinavian cooking - JUNE and JULY

People! We are already in July, but I could not owe this post to you. My June was chaotic, with a lot of work, a trip to Mexico (which took two weekends of the month I could have written this ... Continue Reading

12 months of Scandinavian cuisine - MAY

Ah, May! May was the month I arrived in Estonia last year. So that already a year and all 4 seasons I have lived here. I am divided between spring and autumn; I still have not decided which one is my season ... Continue Reading


Is that saying right ... better late than never! Here I am writing about the Scandinavian cuisine in the April 45 minutes of the second half ... but, it's still April! This month never ends, come on! For this month chose ... Continue Reading

12 months Scandinavian cuisine - MARCH

Well, we are already in March! I always felt that the first half of the year is passing faster, and 2017 is no different for me. Have entered the end of March and with it the promise ... Continue Reading

Restaurants in Tallinn: Mon Repos

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to meet one of the restaurants that participated in Restaurant Week - Spring edition here in Tallinn. This time I felt that although there muuuuitas dining options to go, the price-menu relationship not me ... Continue Reading