December 26, 2017

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Ana Poli

Ana was born and raised in Jundiaí, Sao Paulo, and at age 17 embarked on an adventure - forced, by the way - to move with her family to Mexico City. There he graduated in Gastronomy, and learned that the world is too big to go unnoticed. Nowadays she lives in Estonia, works as a cook and loves to travel, eat, and tell everything in her blog

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January 2018

  1. Adoro esses posts de retrospectivas de viagens!! Que viagens super legais que você fez.. Eu nunca fiz snowboarding, mas adoraria fazer também, mesmo sabendo que também seria só tombos! Também quero muito ir ao México e Portugal <3 Tanto lugar lindo pra visitar nesse mundo, né?
    Desejo um 2018 com mais viagens lindas assim! Beijo :*

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